1. Family and Relationships – spend your time with those who uplift you. Ensure your tribe of family and friends help support you without judgement or expectation.

2. Meaningful work – look within your current position for some positive aspects such as proximity to home, the fun you have with co-workers or the benefits supplied by the company.

3. Positive thinking – being able to see the positive aspect of all situations, even when something negative happens as this awakens our ability to see the lessons in life.

4. Gratitude – giving thanks for what you have in life and doing so in a descriptive sense such as “I’m so grateful for the reliability of my car in getting me to my destination”.

5. Forgiveness – the release of actions against you in order to free your heart of pain and suffering and to be able to move on from those who do not have your best intentions at heart.

6. Giving to others – can be as simple as a smile, a greeting or the offer of assistance.

7. Spirituality – the reading of a good book or experiencing growth through understandings.

8. Personal freedom – ensuring you carve out time in life to enjoy those activities which bring you happiness.

9. Good health – taking care of your body and mind by eating well and getting adequate rest.

10. Entertainment – in the form of uplifting or funny television, watching a performance or listening to a band.

Ultimately, it is about understanding we have the power to create the happiness we seek in life by the choices we make. What activities help you to be happy? Share your ideas with us.

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