The majority of us cringe inwardly when it comes to the idea of instigating a date night. Sitting in a restaurant opposite your partner with your simmering anger and resentment still present. However, when you are feeling disconnected from your partner, there is power in adopting a new approach to date night by trying something unfamiliar.

These unique date night ideas are sure to inspire some humour, wonder and bring about a reconnection that may have been lacking between you.

1. Head to your local pub or club to join in on trivia night. You can have a meal, coffee, or a few drinks while you’re out enjoying yourselves. Think of the bragging rights if you win.

2. If you have been arguing a lot and generally feeling stressed about matters in your life, head to a smash lab together. Smash labs are beginning to open up around the country and are a very therapeutic way to release stress and the pressures of every day by suiting up and smashing your way through glass and other products.

3. The golf range or putt putt can be a fun, active way to reconnect. Compete with each other as to how far you can drive your ball or who gets the best score at putt putt.

4. Fruit picking is a wonderful way to improve brain health and psychological well-being. Pack a picnic to enjoy together afterwards at a local park or beach to increase the romance factor.

5. Hit your local trampoline park to bring out the child in you both. Often as adults we are expected to behave responsibly and this is a great activity to release your inner child by bouncing together, trying front flips into the foam pit or partaking in the parkour activities.

6. Rock climbing is an activity that builds on skills of working together and commitment. Emotions can quickly rise to the surface when you’re under pressure and this can be good practise for you to communicate effectively to keep each other safe.

7. Enjoy a cooking class together for some light-hearted fun. Aim for a cuisine that you don’t normally have to encourage you to step outside of your limitations. This type of activity can encourage you to push your normal routines within your relationship also.

8. Head to the darkest spot you can find within your area and stargaze. Bring a blanket and a bottle of wine and just lay there gazing up at the magnificence of the sky. This can help increase our feelings of expansion and you can make a wish on falling stars too.

9. Make time for a whole weekend and go glamping. There are lots of choices when it comes to glamping sites so pick something that you haven’t done before like a clear tent to fall asleep together under the starry sky.

10. Volunteer together for a worthy cause. Contact local charities and see if you can spend a couple of hours together helping others. This can have the benefit of making you grateful for what you have in life.

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