We pay so much attention to our physical health that we often don’t think to check up on how our relationship is progressing

With the increase in daily pressures, it is crucial for the health of your relationship to check in and have a quick assessment of how you feel your connection is going.

Given how easy it can be for the transactions of the day to pull us apart, it is important that you can identify whether you are clear with each other, or if you are in disagreement too often.

A healthy relationship does not mean that you share the same interests in life, it is more how you handle the everyday that counts. The following five examples are a good measure of a healthy partnership.

1. Self Expression – you both communicate effectively and are free to express yourself honestly. You can both talk about what is going on in your life, whether positive or negative.

2. You Fight – in a healthy relationship, you still experience arguments and disagreements. An argument is not about keeping score or winning, but being capable of effectively and fairly expressing a point. This has to be in an environment where you feel safe to say what you are feeling without judgement or aggressiveness.

3. Trust – ultimately this is about being able to feel safe and comfortable. To know that you will not be hurt emotionally or physically by your partner. You can safely express how you feel and know that you are moving the relationship forward together by making joint decisions.

4. Intimacy – Intimacy is not always physical. A light touch whilst preparing dinner, daily cuddles or embraces and shared activities can all be healthy signs of intimacy. So long as you are both feeling connected and loved.

5. Individual – you have time for yourselves as separate entities. You engage in activities outside of the relationship with friends or whilst undertaking a hobby.

If you feel you are struggling with any of these areas in your life, I can help. Discover the cornerstone essential essential to maintain a healthy and loving relationship.

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