It’s not difficult to understand the many reasons behind the loss of our sex drives. Increased daily pressures coupled together with unresolved emotional differences, practical difficulties and feeling unappreciated can all contribute to a decline.

We need to understand that intimacy is not just about sex. It is also about the connection you have with one another where you are meeting each other’s emotional needs and connecting through shared experience.

Taking the time to sit down and discuss each other’s needs both physically and emotionally can help increase awareness and help you create a deeper understanding of one another.

If you are feeling as though your physical intimacy is lacking, here are some solutions for reawakening your connection.

1. Go to a dance class or yoga together. Connection with the self can go a long way to increasing your desire. When you connect in with your body through movement, you can open up awareness as to how you feel about your body.

2. Discussion – have a totally open communication session where you both allow the other person to air out any old stresses or annoyances. This doesn’t have to be about finances, however it is a good opportunity to engage active listening to allow each other to vent and release pent up emotions. The key will be not to become reactive or defensive but treat it as an airing session to relieve pressure.

3. Increase your opportunities to connect with one another on a daily basis. When you are tired and rushed, a shared embrace can be viewed as annoying. However, it is these small physical touches that hold a power to keep you connected. Greet each other after a long day with a kiss or hug. Try to be spontaneous in touching one another when you pass. A light touch to say “I see you” can be very powerful.

4. If dirty talk is too cringe worthy for you, try writing down a fantasy and sharing it with one another. The rule is not to discuss it however, let it sit within the imagination and schedule some time together once shared.

5. Exercise – try to incorporate some self care in the form of exercise. It can be as simple as stretches, a walk or a gym session. Movement will help increase your sense of well being and help to enhance the way you feel about yourself.

This guide can help you to learn how to increase intimacy and layout the foundations for you to rebuild your relationship.

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