Radical Relationships

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Sick and tired of coming home to arguing and tension between you and your partner? It can be easy to feel as though you do not want to come home at all.

What if you didn’t have to engage in an argument every night or feel as though you were living on different planets? What if you could understand why you love your partner one minute and hate them the next?


Statistics show 1 in 3 marriages will end in divorce and that the average length is 12 years. With second marriages more likely to fail, taking a closer look at your current circumstances can save you from ending as a statistic.

When marriage has you feeling drained physically and mentally, it can be easy to believe the only action must be divorce. However, depending upon how long you have been together and your shared commitments, it won't just stop there.

I was drained and ready to leave my marriage. Worn down from the constant barrage of difficulties we had to face from infidelity, miscarriage, depression and financial hardship. We were ill equipped to deal with the stress and allowed it to erode the foundations of our union away.

Thankfully, we had two small children and realised we had to make some drastic changes and pave a new way for ourselves. Thanks to the discoveries I made and the little things I did day in and day out we are now 33 years into a solid relationship that is built on trust and respect, have two happy, stable children and we are happier than ever.

I had to figure out the steps, make mistakes and keep trying different solutions that had a mixture of results. As I felt when I had my children, I wished there were a blueprint that could outline issues and solutions to the problems we had faced. These points would have made difficult areas easier to navigate and reduced the risk of break up and stress.

Through my training as a Wellness Therapist over the last ten years, my work with various clients together with my own marriage difficulties, I have compiled my experience into a condensed version that can help reduce overwhelm within relationships that often derail them and end in breakup or divorce.

2 reviews for Radical Relationships

  1. Michelle

    I am having relationship and life struggles at present so i bought this book to try and help make my life a better one and I’m glad i did. Susan relaying her personal experiences throughout the book made it feel like she was talking to me personally through the pages. There are lots of actions and processes to try throughout that i am putting in place and it is starting to help me go to a better place and putting the smile back on my face. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is feeling a little out of sorts in there relationship and life.

  2. Sandra Ferns.

    This book is so worthwhile buying and reading. I bought it as I sometimes struggle with my partner. We think differently at times and I’ve learnt, just through Susan’s words and the way she writes, that I can change this myself. We don’t have to agree all the time and we don’t have to argue over it. BUT if we talk about these things to each other, it will help, and it has. Her personal experiences helped me so much to understand mine. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to find peace and happiness within their relationship.

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