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Learn the necessary steps to create a joyful, resilient and passionate connection that ensures love lasts.

Feeling disonnected from your partner can feel soul destroying.

Devastated and crushed was how I felt.  The discovery of infidelity the reason.

It’s so painful and raw, with the ability to stop you in your tracks.   All trust shattered and in its place was now doubt and worry.

For once, my typical female inclination to run to friends for advice wasn’t present.

Instead, I wondered… DO I REALLY NEED THIS HEARTACHE?  I spent the afternoon alone, pondering if I really wanted to fight for this realtionship or just let it go.

Seven years we had already spent together and in the end, I decided to stay and we worked through it.

Not without some scars that would surface years later.  Communication issues, business collapse, miscarriage all took their toll and extracted a little more from the connection.  However, we did start getting better at working together, supporting each other.

“A perfect relationship isn’t perfect, it’s just that both people never gave up”

The good news is that I’m here to reassure you that you do have the ability to repair your connection with your partner.  That issues can be sorted and life will greatly improve.  

Thanks to the discoveries I made and the little things I did day in and day out, we are now 33 years into a solid relationship that is built on trust and respect.  Have two children, live in our dream location and are happier than ever.

I had to figure out the steps on my own, make mistakes and keep trying different solutions that had a mixture of results.  We both nearly walked away on multiple occasions.  It can feel so overwhelming to think about starting again and knowing those same problems are likely to occur.

This journey eventually led me to train as a Reconnection Therapist and I ended up working with couples and individuals to repair their connections with the important people in their lives.

I compiled my experience and learnings into a condensed version that can help reduce the overwhelm, find some balance and put a stop to breakup’s and divorce.

Radical Relationships Book




The step-by-step training for creating loving, harmonious relationships and to ensure you have the techniques and tools for success.

Here’s What You Will Discover……..

  • Understand the most costly mistake you can make in your relationship.
  • The most important guideline essential to any relationship.
  • The 4 most important pieces of advice that changed my life.
  • Understand how drama triangles have you stuck in repetitive behaviour.
  • The cornerstone essential to maintain a healthy and loving relationship.
  • The approach that has the power to heal past trauma and create safety within the relationship.
  • And so much more…..

Don’t waste another sleepless night wondering what you can do, or how you can change your partner.  This information has the power to help create a harmonious relationship.

One that has the depth of connection and support I did not believe was possible (and I’m a hopeless romantic).

What if you could be sure that your relationship would withstand every test it met?  That you looked forward to spending time with your partner, not having to be concerned about what mood they might be in.

To be able to have loving, supportive discussions where you could work together to build your future that is bright and happy.

Imagine being able to get to a place where you meet each other’s needs in a healthy way and increase your intimacy so that both your needs are catered for.

This system will lay down the steps for you to be able to show your children, family and friends that it is possible to repair a broken relationship.

The other bonus I found was that what I learned not only helped my marriage, but also increased the quality of my connections to family, friends and coworkers.

Happy Couple


  • Radical Relationships – a 58 page book loaded with practical tools and techniques.
  • Radical Relationships workbook full of tools and exercises.
  • 5 Beneficial ways to deal with conflict report
  • Couples strength exploration report
  • Couples gratitude journal

This material is a comprehensive blend of tools and techniques to help restore your connection with each other with ideas that can be implemented immediately and content that won’t take you weeks to pour through.

This entire bundle is yours for only $37.

Get started today.


Intimacy is a vital key in maintaining a healthy, happy relationship.  Arguments, stonewalling and mistrust all erode our ability to maintain intimacy.  Exploring different types of intimacy and discovering what works best for your individual needs can help restore connection.   Included in this comprehensive package is a copy of How To Deepen Intimacy book  (57 pages) and accompanying workbook packed with tools and techniques.

Deepen Intimacy Book

This program was such a worthwhile buy.  I sometimes struggle with my partner and I sometimes wish I could make him change.  This program helped me to learn new ways that I can approach our relationship that are much more positive and has since improved our connection.


I felt so stuck and was about to give up when I found this book.  It takes work, but there are lots of actions and processes to try throughout that I am putting into place and it is starting to help us realise we were just butting heads all the time.  I highly recommend this book to anyone who is feeling a little out of sorts with their relationship.


Repair Your Relationship Today

A radical relationship isn’t for everyone.  It requires a willingness to take responsibility, realise what you are going through can be repaired and overcome fear and resistance.  Personally, I found that once I implemented this system, all my relationships improved.

The total value of this package could easily cost you hundreds in therapy sessions.  Save by purchasing the entire package for $37 today.


Not totally satisfied with the content in Radical Relationships?  No problem, contact us for a full refund within 30 days of purchase.

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