Mental health


Enhance self understanding and resolve identified concerns with a counselling session. Within these sessions, we will explore any areas you feel are creating stress within your life.
We will then take the steps to implement tools and techniques to find an effective, suitable solution to any areas of your life that are unsatisfactory. Together, we can empower you to move forward.


One on one sessions that can be done over the phone, in person or through email.


Learn the tools and techniques to empower yourself to create a harmonious life/work balance and enhance personal and professional relationships and achieve goals.


Change self-defeating behaviours, learn to express and process emotions, relieve anxiety, depression and stress. Increase self confidence and communication.


Prices vary depending on the service you feel fits your situation. Face to face consultations $120/hour and can be conducted from the comfort of our home office or via zoom.

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Personal Development

Personal development begins with self-awareness.
This can lead to gaining a sense of direction for your life, especially if you don’t feel as though you are living with purpose. Learn to clearly identify problematic and stressful situations and build a greater resilience.


Concentration in this area allows for greater discovery of an enhancement of your emotional well-being by learning the tools and techniques to overcome stressful situations.


Emotional well-being, goal setting and achievement, tracking of emotions all add to a healthier life. Achieve wellness through self exploration and awareness.


Setting smart goals, finding direction and purpose.


Prices vary depending on the service you feel fits your situation. Face to face consultation starts from $100/hour, telephone $80 per hour and email $45.


Expression Through Art

A series of classes held once per week throughout term 2 to introduce art therapy concepts for teens 11-16.


Expression through art is a series of classes with a focus on helping teens find ways to express difficult emotions, improve self awareness, develop coping methods and raise self-esteem.  


Weekly classes for 1 hour in a small group setting (10 participants max).

All materials provided.


A fun, safe environment in which to explore art therapy exercises that help dealing with emotions and life experiences.


1 hour class – $20 for individual lesson

1 hour class – $135 for whole term of 9 weeks.

Materials provided.

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