A powerful way to increase the connection within your relationships is to sit down and create a vision for it.

This is something we rarely do in any of our connections with others. We create romantic relationships, working relationships, friendships but we often come into these with a misguided view. If you are finding any of your connections with others lacking, this can be a powerful process to try.

This technique can be used to enhance all your connections and show you areas that you may be lacking. For example, think about the connection you have with your partner and think about the following questions.

How do you want the relationship to progress?
How would you like your partner to act with you (ie, loving, supportive, open).

Alternatively, you may have a unsatisfying relationship with a friend or coworker/boss. If you can get a clear view of how you want this relationship to look, you then empower your brain to find ways to make that happen. For example, list your strengths at work and look for ways to implement them into your job. Get clear on how you would like the relationship with your boss to look even if you are feeling unsupported or unseen at present.

This process should ideally be undertaken with an idea of what your life values are. Life values are what is most important to you in life such as connection, fun, support, love etc. You can look up a list of values and pick out your top 10. This is not always an easy process when it comes to values as you will most likely have more.

Then you can examine how they play out within your romantic, friendship and work connections. What may be true for you in romance will not be the same with your workplace.

This process helps you to get really clear on what you want in your relationship and in life and will help you set the intention to improve areas that may be lacking and causing stress. Come back to the vision often so that you can be reminded of what it is you are desiring from life.

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