I feel as though I have been in a Radical Relationship for the past 33 years. Only fifteen when we met, I have had a world of experiences with my partner. We have travelled extensively, had our own business, built our own home twice and had two children to name a few.

Our ability to transform the relationship into one that was radical is what I believe has helped save us from separation many times.

A radical relationship does not have to mean you have both had incredible experiences together. Rather, it is more about a willingness to take risks, overcome resistance and fear to invite change and transformation.

When our children come along, we have to transform into parents and figure out the road ahead. We do it for the love of our children, we shift, change, alter our lives to embrace them. However, it is important not to lose sight of ourselves or our relationship along the way.

So when children and the pressures of our daily transactions clash together, it can create a divide. Unfortunately, we starve the relationship of a willingness to become open and vulnerable and often lose sight of why we got together in the first place.

The wonderful news is that you can embrace a radical relationship for yourself. In its basic form, it is about unconditional love. It is about opening your eyes and seeing that your relationship is an adventure that has good and bad aspects. However, it grows when approached with openness, good communication and a willingness to reveal your inner self to each other. You can learn more about Radical Relationships in this guide available now.

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